Flying Model Vulcan

Indoor Flying

During the winter months certain YMAS members organise indoor model flying sessions at Tykes restaurant & golf venue, off of the A64 flying starts at 10.30 am, but please note, the indoor flying is not a YMAS officially run event, and is not covered as such under YMAS rules or guidelines, - So please observe common sense safety guidelines, and fly safely. Always take advise from the organiser(s) on the day. The event caters for electric helicopters up to 400 Size and Electric multi coptors and indoor electric aeroplanes. Guests are welcome to come and fly however proof of insurance will be required for non YMAS members. There is a small cover charge for anybody who is flying to cover the cost of hiring the venues. However there is no charge to come along and chat to us and see what we are doing.

Directions to indoor flying at Tykes

Indoor Flying dates for 2021-2022

Theses are the scheduled dates for indoor flying for the 2021-2022 season. This assumes that there is no further government intervention to prevent us meeting. It is possible that there will be no spectators due to social distancing, but more news of this as we get nearer the time..

Month Date's Location
September 12th & 26th Tykes
October 10th & 24th Tykes
November 14th & 28th Tykes
December 12th Tykes
January 2nd ,16th & 30th Tykes
Febuary 13th & 27th Tykes
March 13th & 27th Tykes

Tykes Sports Hall