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York Model Aircraft Society

York Model Aircraft Society

York Model Aircraft Society

YMAS - founded 1936 - BMFA Affiliated Club No. 0290

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News letters, competition and meeting reviews

News letters, competition and meeting reviews

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New Glider Competition Rules for 2019

For 2019 the following new rules will be applied:
    • 3.1 Minimum of 3 pilots per slot.
    • 3.2 Each evening will consist of a minimum of 4 rounds.
    • 3.3 Each round will consist of one or more heats.
    • 3.4 Scores will be out of 1000 per heat.
    • 3.5 Maximum 30 second motor run or 175M whichever comes first.
    • 3.6 Electronic stabilisation allowed.
    • 3.7 Flaps and camber adjustment allowed.
    • 3.8 Spoilerons allowed.
    • 3.9 No variometers allowed.
    • 3.10 No telemetry allowed other than signal strength and battery voltage feedback.
    • 3.11 Only 5 minutes allowed between flying slots timed from the landing of the last model of the previous slot. Some adjustment can be made if agreed by next slot flyers.
    • 3.12 4 Rounds per competition with best 3 to count.
    • 3.13 Best 7 competitions to count for the final score.
    • 3.14 50 bonus points for a field landing, zero bonus points for a 'long grass' landing. Nil points for a 'crop' landing or in any other designated no-fly zone, i.e. car park or pits area.
    • 3.15 Point of nose spinner must be within defined field landing area in order for flight to qualify for landing bonus points.
    • 3.16 Target flight time of 8 minutes, 1 point will be deducted for each second over or under the target time. The actual flight time will be recorded and submitted to the Comp CD where any time adjustments will be made.
    • 3.17 1 minute launch time. Zero points for failure to launch inside this launch window.
    • 3.18 Time to be measured to the nearest second. Tenths and hundredths of seconds if shown, are ignored, i.e. no rounding.
    • 3.19 Spread sheet calculations to be to 2 decimal places.